Q Rake

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The new “V” type wheel rakes with 10 or 12 wheels of the QR range give farmers the opportunity to use a machine featuring high performance in terms of both quality and quantity, combined with great simplicity of use. The machine is compact, but designed at the same time with plenty of clearance in the area through which the raked hay goes through. This gives the machine excellent operational qualities as well as maneuverability and stability both while working and during transport.
Thanks to the quality of the materials used and to the solutions adopted based on experience acquired in innumerable field tests, our QR range wheel rakes will meet farmers’ every need, with regard both to functions and to durability.

  QR 10 QR 12
Maximum Windrow Width 6' 7" (2m) 6' 7" (2m)
Maximum Working Width 21' (6,4m) 24' 6" (7,5m)
Minimum Transport Height 7'9" (2,4m) 7'14" (2,5m)
Minimum Windrow Width 3' (0,9m) 3' (0,9m)
Minimum Working Width 19' (5,8m) 21'8" (6,6m)
Number Of Finger Wheels 10 12
Tires 205-75/15 205-75/15
Tractor Requirements HP 30 (22,3 KW) 50 (36,7 KW)
Transport Width 8' 5" (2,6m) 8' 5" (2,6m)
Weight 1875 Lbs - 850 kg 2115 Lbs - 960 kg