Magnum V Rake

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The Sitrex Magnum Pull-Type Rake is the biggest model of the V-Rake Pull-Type line.
These machines are designed to obtain a maximum working width of 36' and windrows with variable width from 3' to 6'.
Couplings of all various frame components are flexible to obtain the maximum.
adjustment of the machine on very rough and uneven grounds.
Moreover: the drawbar and the opening system are mounted over the wheels, this allows to make a windrow without hindrances with the components of the machine.
All rake wheels are spring-load lifted independently and this allows the machine to follow the ground contours.
Tines are made of special steel with 7 mm 0 diameter. Tines pick up the hay making fluffy windrows very suitable for baling.
A double hydraulic system, tractor driven, controls both the wheels lift and machine total or partial opening and closing.
On the hydraulic cylinder, which controls the opening and closing of the machine, is mounted a locking valve to maintain the required working width. Even in case of pipe breaking the machine remains in the same position which has been set.

Our Magnum line hay rakes rake up the crop quickly and gently, enabling better drying of the hay and an excellent yield.
Elegantly designed, they a re made of quality steel using advanced production processes, and are fitted with excellent components that make them highly productive, reliable and lasting machines.
They have rake wheels with a diameter of 55" (1.4 m), each wheel is equipped with 40 tines made of top quality spring steel. The tines are uniformly spaced and designed to collect all the product, forming a perfectly shaped swathe. The tines can be replaced individually, so as to waste as little time as possible.
The hay rakes of the Magnum range are designed in such a way that adjustments are simple to accomplish. A lever acting on a sprocket equipped with a locking mechanism enables the width of the swathe to be adjusted easily and rapidly from about 3' (0.91 m) to about 6' (1.8 m). The machine can also be equipped with an optional hydraulic device enabling adjustment of the swathe directly from the tractor. Each rake wheel has its own spring enabling the correct pressure on the ground to be obtained separately, optimizing the quality and quantity of the crop. What is more, after this initial adjustment, all the subsequent adjustments are made on the whole wing of the hay rake thanks to a crank operating a shaft to which all the hay rake wheels are connected. This saves a lot of time.
For transport, adjustable disk brakes stabilize each of the pivoting wheels, enabling the machine to proceed in the utmost safety with no shimmying during transport.
The wide range of machines in the Magnum line covers working widths from about 21'4" (about 6.5 m) for the machines with 10 rake wheels up to about 31' (about 9.4 m) for those with 16 rake wheels.

Hay rakes need to be solid and tough to adapt to the extreme conditions found in the fields. This means that in addition to all the features already described above, all the wings and the drawbar of these extremely large machines have been fitted with extra reinforcements, making them fully reliable in time in spite of the amount of work they are made to do. In spite of their large size, however, they are easy to handle and flexible, and they can be changed rapidly from the working position to the transport position from the control cab, thanks to a hydraulic system that withdraws the strong cylinders in which the wings end and those that lift the rake wheels. Just like the smaller versions, they are easily parked thanks to the height-adjustable supporting foot. All the optional kits can be mounted on them, including the rear tandem wheels enabling them to pass safely over rough ground, the single side opening kit, enabling damp swathes to be overturned, the central kicker wheels kit,
enabling the hay to be moved also in the central area, not reached by the lateral rakes, and so on. There is also an adjustable coupling for connection to the tractor, easily adjusted to match the height of the towing hooks of different tractors.

Each rake wheel has an adjustment spring. When the spring is suitably stretched, it ensures that the pressure of the associated rake wheel against the ground is just right, to make sure of excellent raking on any terrain. After this initial adjustment of the individual rake wheels, it is possible to make all the subsequent adjustments effective on the whole wing of the hay rake thanks to a crank, that operates a shaft, to which all the rake wheels are connected, saving a lot of time.


Single side opening kit
A valve, simple to fit and to handle, can be set so as to choose only one of the wings of the hay rake, the one on the right or on the left, as required, without having to install or remove any parts on the machine. The kit is extremely simple to use, and enables easy overturning of damp swathes or those that have not dried out completely, so as to speed up the drying process.

Kicker wheels kit
This kit consists of two rake wheels positioned alonq the drawbar, and is activated by a hydraulic cylinder connected to tne hydraulic line controlling the lateral rake-wheel lifting cylinders. It enables the hay to be removed also in the central area, not reached by the lateral wheels. This is important not only for the quality of the swathe but also for making it easier for the baling machines to collect the hay, since otherwise they would not be able to pick up the part that has not been removed.
Hydraulic rear-opening kit
Tnis kit enables the length of the swathe to be adjusted from about 3' (0.91 m) to about 6' (1.8 m) directly from the tractor. This is especially useful both for adapting work rapidly to the different quantities of forage present in the field and to adapt to the different working widths of the baling machines. It is easy to install even on machines with mechanical levers since it uses the same coupling points.
Rear tandem wheel kit
This kit enables the machine to pass safely over rough terrain. A strong oscillating support adapts perfectly to the various different conditions of the terrain. There are two wheels on each side, at a suitable distance from one another, so that one of the pair is always resting on the highest part of the ground, even when there are furrows or holes, allowing the machine to move smoothly.
Wind shielding kits
These plastic flanges applied to the rake wheels allow the hay to slide more smoothly better, so as to create properly shaped swathes.

  MK16 MK18 MK20
Minimum Powerd Required 30 Kw 40 Hp 40 Kw 55 HP  
Number Of Finger Wheels 16 18 20
Number Of Tines For Wheels 40 40 40
Operating Speed 14Mph 22,5 Km/h 14 Mph 22,5 km/h 14 Mph 22,5 km/h
Transport Width 8' 3'' - 2,5 m 8' 3'' - 2,5 m 8' 3'' - 2,5 m
Tyre Size 205-75/15 205-75/15 205-75/15
Weight 5385 Lbs 2445 Kg 5210 Lbs 2365 Kg 5540 Lbs 2515 Kg
Working Width 30'10'' 9,4 m 33'5'' 10,2 m 36' 11 m